On 20 november 2020 is the first World Diabetic Foot Day. The aim of this initiative is to bring together different professionals who are involved in the management of the diabetic foot
in order to exchange knowledge of best practice and facilitate partnerships between organisations.
Together, we can promote and facilitate the evidence-based management of diabetic foot ulcers and reduce amputation numbers.

World Diabetic Foot Day will take place during the EWMA 2020 Conference in London on 20 november  2020.
The objective of the World Diabetic Foot Day is to look into what has been achieved so far within the management of the diabetic foot and what still has to be done in order
to make a difference in further reducing the number of amputations and possibly preventing any foot complications.
The day will have a strong focus on advocacy and will be open to the participation of all the stakeholders in the field of Diabetic foot: patients, specialists, caregivers, educators, administrators.
All major diabetic foot associations have joined this initiative and will help shaping the programme in line with their interests and specific point of view.